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Pot Of Gold. Treasure Strain is an intense indica-prevailing cross breed, with 90% indica and 10% sativa hereditary qualities. It is a cross between Hindu Kush, a landrace strain from Afghanistan, and Skunk #1, a popular mixture from California. This strain is famous for its solid narcotic impacts, which can assist with easing side effects of torment, melancholy, queasiness, and a sleeping disorder.

Treasure is likewise famous for its sweet and fruity flavor, with a touch of hash and a dependable trailing sensation. The smell is impactful and hash-like, with flower and fruity suggestions. The buds are little, thick, and tacky, with a dull green tone, orange pistils, and a thick covering of precious stone trichomes.

Treasure is best developed inside, as it will in general be a little plant, arriving at a level of something like three feet. It requires a great deal of consideration and care, particularly with respect to temperature, stickiness, and ventilation, to forestall form development. When developed appropriately, this strain can yield as much as 150 grams for every plant, with a typical THC content of 15%.

Treasure has won different honors, including the 1998 High Times Cup and the 2003 Pot Cup. Notwithstanding, clients ought to know that its love seat lock impacts can be overpowering for some, enduring as long as two hours. It is best appreciated around evening time, as it can incite drowsiness and unwinding.


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