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Purple Kush Cake x Kimbo Cookies

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Kush Cake Cookies. As you open a holder of buds, the sweet-pine fragrance in your noses can be converted into taste. Experienced smokers can see the likenesses between a wedding cake and Kush Mints just by the smell all alone.

Inward breath is a wonderful encounter. Kush Cake clients experience the impression of a smooth, rich taste. The kind of cream, and you sense the cerebral buzz immediately. First-time clients can hope to hack for the principal two or multiple times since it’s unwieldy.

They have light-green buds with a thick layer of hairs in orange and white precious stone trichomes. The nugs are delicate and not quite as hard as you’d expect from such an appealing assortment.

Cake Cookies is a hybrid that has Indica-dominated effects. The genetic makeup of the Kush Cake is similar to the following breeds:

  • Purple Kush cake strain
  • Orange Kush cake strain
  • Jungle Boys LA Kush  Cookies


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