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KRT King Louie XIII. What is the king Louis XIII Strain? king Louis XIII strain weed is an indica-winning hybrid that is a cross of LA Secret and OG Kush. Without a doubt, it’s everything except a top pick of OG Kush dears for a seriously significant time-frame, which is probable why it stays as one of the most costly indica you’ll find in a dispensary.

Appearance Krt Carts Kush Mint

The packaging from krt cartridges  is something that krtvapes  has always gotten excellent reviews on.   .  The packaging that the krt vapes cartridges  comes in is absolutely excellent in all of its features good krt carts prices .

Effects of distillate 

Feelings… relax , sleepy , happy , hungry

helps with….. stress , pain , anxiety , appetize, depression,

Negative effects…. dye , eye , dizziness , dry mouth

We know quality should come first in any products .


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