Honcholato Live Resin Diamonds

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Honcholato by Big Chief is a fragrant indica-prevailing strain with a sweet mix of berry and natural flavor notes. Other than the taste, the stimulating impacts will shock your faculties then, at that point, gradually slide you into a delighted elation. Honcholato Live Resin Diamonds

Taste: Citrus, Berry, Home grown
Feel: Vivacious, Cheerful, Unwinding

Big Chief’s across the board Live Pitch expendable protect regular terpenes tracked down in weed. Separated from newly reaped, streak frozen pot plants,
Big Chief’s Live resin dispensable jam the first flavor profiles and impacts of each strain so you can encounter a valid bloom high, in a hurry.

Big Chief’s live Resin precious stones are without a doubt intense. These THCa pearls are warmed through a cycle known as decarboxylation which strips away the undesirable plant compounds, then, at that point, we apply strain to dissipate the solvents making the THCa synthetically bond with the other THCa particles bringing about refined dabbable bunches of gems.


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