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Sour Tangie by Big Chief is an impactful sativa-prevailing strain that communicates positive qualities from two exemplary strains, Harsh Diesel x Tangie. Beginning with it’s flavor, Sour Tangie consolidates the exemplary preferences of diesel and citrus that can look like harsh natural product strips. As the flavors heighten, so does the high, and in a flash, you’re ready, conscious, and centered. Sour Tangie is an incredible daytime strain said to elevate and invigorate the faculties. Buy Sour Tangie Online

The standing of Big Chief’s Premium THC oil cartridges justifies itself. Our heritage item contains a refined THC oil injected with organic terpenes for an unadulterated, powerful, tasty experience.

Taste: Citrus, Diesel, Harsh

Feel: Engaged, Blissful, Elevated

Impacts and flavors are accounted for by clients on our site. This is for enlightening purposes just and not planned as clinical guidance. Kindly counsel your doctor prior to changing any clinical treatment.



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